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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

On starting my Full time hypnotherapy business a lot of people stop me in the middle of Forres or Elgin, with a surprised look on their face the first thing they say is “I never new you were into that sort of thing?” I don’t really know how to respond to that because there is obviously a disconnect between their idea of hypnotherapy and what I actually do.

Hypnotherapy has generally suffered from a misconception that it is some sort of mystical, magical woo woo, in reality hypnotherapy is grounded firmly in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. The misconception comes from the fact that hypnotherapy has not allowed itself to be confined purely to a scientific discipline, hypnotherapy encourages its practitioners in the artful expression of its scientific basis. Whether its crystals and incense or pocket watc waving and showmanship as long as the client is comfortable and willing to go along with the process then hypnotherapy in whatever form it is practiced can be an effective option for many people in dealing with life’s problems.

All that being said I’m afraid my crystal collection is not that impressive and I’m not really disposed to pocket watch waving and showmanship, my own personal approach to hypnotherapy is one that is grounded in improving Self awareness, self respect and self love. This is the ideal starting place to deal with any issue. I try not to dress things up too much and my most effective technique is having non judgemental honest conversations with people. An honest appraisal of what’s going on means basic hypnotic techniques can be used to change emotional responses, unnecessary beliefs, and allow you to let go of damaging emotional connections. Think of it like an MOT and service for your emotions and the nervous system, benefiting not only mental health but many physical conditions that are related to an overactive nervous system- IBS, Skin conditions and high blood pressure to name a few.

If you are interested in finding out how hypnotherapy could improve your life, then I am currently offering free 15 min online consultations where we can have a wee no obligation chat about how I can help. Alternatively if you have already decided that hypnotherapy will help improve your life then you can book in at

If there any specific conditions or themes relating to Mind and Body health that you would like to discuss or see me blog about then please get in touch and I will happily put your mind at ease.

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